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Who We Are

iSecurity+, a cloud-based home video monitoring service by Tend Insights, helps offer peace of mind to those who want to stay connected to the things that matter most to them in their lives.

With the convenience of securely conducting video monitoring on the Internet and Smartphone, iSecurity+ provides you with the reassurance to view things that matter most to you in life like your child, elderly parents, pets, your home and business.

You can connect to them anywhere in the world, in just minutes, iSecurity+ provides the complete video monitoring solution.


Our Partners

We have the privilege of working with these companies:

Kodak Swann Belkin Singtel Storex British Telecommunication Imogen Studio Atlantis Multilaser Technologies Technaxx Digicom Cloud I Cam ZyXel

To inquire about joining our list of exceptional partners, send us a message or email us.

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